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CE Classes

Continuing Education Classes
Fall-Winter 2019
$79 earlybird price if you sign up 7 days prior to class
$99 regular price thereafter
Classes begin at 9am and end at 4pm unless noted

CE Class Policy

Each CE class is worth 6 hours of credit approved by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) for Licensed Massage Therapists. Classes begin promptly at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. with approximately a one-hour lunch break. CE students are provided a complimentary light breakfast. Please bring a notebook, pen, linens, and massage cream or lotion in a pump bottle or other closed container.

Fall-Winter 2019
Continuing Education Classes  

Saturday, Oct. 5 - Thai on the Floor

Have you always wanted to get more creative with your massage work? This is the class for you! Not only will we teach amazingly useful and unique Thai technique - including a traditional foot bath - but we
won't make you lie on the floor! Our specially designed tables are able to lie flat, giving the client maximum comfort while receiving ancient style massage. Please wear comfortable clothing which provides freedom of movement (exercise tights; yoga pants; T-shirt). In addition to table linens, please bring a blanket; two pillows with cases; four hand-sized towels; and a wash cloth.

Friday, Oct. 25 - Trigger Point for the Upper Body

Trigger points can cause a wide range of pain in the body. Understanding how to locate and release them will take your massage to the next level. This class will concentrate on the upper body. Table linens and notebook and pen will be needed for this class.

Friday, Nov. 15 - Deep Tissue for the Upper Body
In this new class, we will discuss the muscles of the upper body and focus on techniques that engage deeper tissues. Your massage will become more focused and specific, helping your clients gain relief from stressed muscles.

Saturday, Dec. 7 - Let's Stretch!

Here's a class to help both you and your client. We'll cover how to properly stretch the muscles of major joints of the body; effective draping techniques; and work on understanding some basic muscle actions. Additionally, we'll demonstrate good stretches for us hard-working therapists! Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring table linens; a blanket; a pillow in a case; and notebook and pen.














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