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CE Classes

Continuing Education Classes
Spring/Summer 2016
$79 earlybird price if you sign up 7 days prior to class
$99 regular price thereafter
Classes begin at 9am and end at 4pm unless noted

CE Class Policy

Each CE class is worth 6 hours of credit approved by Texas Department of State Health Services for licensed massage therapists. Most classes begin promptly at 9am and end at 4pm with a one-hour lunch break. CE students are provided a complimentary light breakfast. Please bring a notebook, pen, linens, and massage cream or lotion in a pump bottle or other closed container.

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Friday, Aug. 26 - Hot Stone Massage
This wonderful type of massage will be very popular with your clients - no wet room needed! A hot stone kit is required to participate in this class. We have kits available for $90 plus tax (must be prepaid). You will also need oil in a pump container and notebook and pen for this class.

Friday, Sept. 23 - Save Your Hands

One of SSOM's foundational classes! Every LMT, newly licensed or seasoned, must
protect our most valued tool - our hands.  This is an exciting class packed full of creative ways to give deep, satisfying massage without overusing the hands.  In fact, other than spreading cream, it's
hands off!  You will be amazed how much you can do with your forearms and elbows - and we'll teach you how to use body mechanics to your advantage.  Please bring notebook, pen, linens, blanket and cream (no oil, please).

Friday, Oct. 28  - Shoulder Relief Techniques
Does a day go by without a client asking for shoulder specific work?  In this informative class, we will break down the anatomy of the shoulder, then discuss the kinesiology so that you are better able to interpret your client's descriptions of pain and dysfunction.   We will also cover common shoulder pathologies and give you excellent techniques to help facilitate healing and increase ROM.  Please bring notebook, pen, linens and cream (no oil, please) to this class.

Friday, Nov. 11 - Thai in the Floor

Have you always wanted to get more creative with your massage work?  This is the class for you!  Not only will we teach amazingly useful and unique Thai technique - including a traditional footbath - but we won't make you lie on the floor!.  Our specially designed tables are able to lie flat, giving the client maximum comfort while receiving ancient style massage.  Please wear comfortable clothing you are able to move freely in (exercise tights, yoga pants, t-shirt).  In addition to table linens, please bring a blanket, two pillows with cases, four hand sized towels and a wash cloth.  NEW CLASS!!

Saturday, Dec. 3 - Bamboo Massage

Therapists LOVE this class!  This free-flowing work not only delivers excellent pressure for the client, it's very easy on the therapist's hands.  For this class you will need a bamboo kit ($50 plus tax, prepaid) oil in a pump container, a heating pad (available at most drug stores or discount stores), a large bath towel and four hand towels, as well as table linens.  This is one of our most popular classes, just in time for Christmas - be sure to sign up early!














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